Dear families,

This coming year I will be working with our educators to further expand the things that make J-JEP an incredible program to be part of.  Our focus will be on continuing to make it personal: 

  • It means helping the students not simply gain knowledge but understand how this information is relevant to their lives, how it gives them guidance and fortitude, a little grit, and spiritual uplift. 


  • I will be talking to the teachers about spiritual fitness; a deep dive into how Jews express their Jewish heritage in their lived experience (as opposed to just from time to time), and experiential education techniques to have the students reflect and grow from out-of-their-chairs activities. 

We're incredibly excited to embark on another year of learning with your children.  As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email or call.



Rabbi Larry Freedman
rabbilf@jjep.org | 412-621-6566 ext. 116

In-Person Learning.png

We anticipate learning together in-person this fall!

Sunday morning K-8 religious school and Family Hebrew classes will be held entirely in-person at Rodef Shalom Congregation.  See below for information about our midweek Hebrew classes, which will have a hybrid schedule.

As guidelines change, we will share our Covid-19 safety protocols closer to the beginning of the school year.  This summer we will be working alongside Rodef Shalom and Beth Shalom to make sure we are operating within their safety protocols that are informed by CDC and local guidelines.  If you are eligible and haven't yet done so, please take advantage of vaccination availability to help us all take care of each other.


We encourage all our rising 8th graders to try out our program for a month - through September - with their friends to see if it's something they enjoy and would like to continue with.  No strings attached - When you register, we will not bill for the 8th grade program unless your child has decided to stick with it after September.

  • Curriculum: Learn about Israel with more honesty and nuance: Why there is Israel in the first place? What are the roots of anti-Semitism? How can we criticize Israel fairly? How can we respond to criticism that doesn't seem fair?

  • Learn to Teach: Introduction to classroom teaching techniques to prepare you to be one of our madrichim. Towards the end of the year we will get you in front of a class to try out your new skills!

  • You decide: We've built space into our 8th grade course to dive into topics that you want to explore.


  • Impact: Determine the recipients of our tzedakah money & present your choice to our younger students,


  • New teacher - Morah Risa Fruchter: Risa is excited to bring energy and sophistication to our program!


Never miss an important date!
Questions about J-JEP's schedule? Want to check if there's class or not?

Our calendar is now available online via our website at JJEP.org/calendar where you can download our paper calendar or add our Google calendar to yours.

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Because of the technical aspect to learning Hebrew, we felt that there was an overall improvement in language acquisition with our Hebrew classes being held online this past year.  Our attendance was much better as well.  We will be holding our mid-week Hebrew classes (Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday) in-person one week each month, with the other three weeks online.  

*If your child is unable to attend online classes from home and needs supervision and space while we're in session online, we are happy to support them in-person at Rodef Shalom and Beth Shalom during those times.  We are also able to supply devices if needed. 

When we hold in-person classes, they will be filled with group work,  Hebrew games, holiday celebrations and all those things we missed while being online.  The other three weeks will be very focused on reading and writing acquisition as well as conversations about the meaning of the prayers.

Be sure to check out our calendar to see which sessions will be held in person or online.

All Sunday classes are still in person.