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Why we do what we do

Fact:  No two Jewish households are the same, regardless of geographic location or denominational affiliation.

Therefore: It is profoundly important to give our children a full all-encompassing understanding of diverse Jewish narratives.  Experiencing Judaism - the story, the 'why', through personal authentic and organic exploration allows for relevant meaning making.  Providing the opportunity to interact with all aspects of Judaism through texts and experiences gives participants appreciation of both cultural traditions and also one's family's Jewish customs and choices.

Goals for our students:

  • Become lifelong Jewish learners and participants knowledgeable in Torah, Social Action, Worship and Prayer.

  • Increase knowledge and comfort with conversational and liturgical Hebrew.

  • Develop positive relationships with their Judaism, as well as a connection to our school, our synagogues, our families, the larger Jewish community, and to Israel.


Authentic Investigation & Exploration

J-JEP participants engage in project-based investigations throughout the course of the school year within their Judaic Learning Labs. Projects are derived from the grade-level themes and content found within the CHAI curriculum*, but are dependent on student interest and are formed organically. Content within the CHAI curriculum is taught in three strands: Torah, Avodah (Worship) and G’milut Chasadim (Acts of Loving Kindness). Students authentically engage with the materials, research of the topic, and create a piece of work that demonstrates learning.


*CHAI is a nationally recognized curriculum developed by the Reform movement with a Conservative adaptation.

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